Unity of Godhead

Every week we try and read a few passages from The Promised Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s’ books.

In this extract The Promised Messiah explains that to solely depend upon one’s own ability and ascribe all success to it is akin to shirk. The true unitarian even negates his own abilities and self and ascribes all success to Allah rather than himself.

Change of Gender

The Promised Messiah wrote in one of his books regarding change of gender in the animal kingdom.

Many people who know nothing of Zoology have been making fun of these statement. Here we look at whether living organisms can change their gender.

Rehman and Rahim

In this video we ask what is the difference between these two attributes of Allah? The Promised Messiah explains this.

[Video] Listen to the Message

In this short speech we show that the Promised Messiah advises us to ignore the preacher and listen to what is being preached. He tells us not to look at the preacher and his motives but what he is preaching and if the message is correct then to accept it regardless of what the preacher’s personal motives may be.

[Video] Certainty of Belief

Here the Promised Messiah says that human beings should engage themselves in the worship of Allah to such an extent that their desire for anything in this world is extinguished and they become like a new born person who does everything simply for the sake of Allah.


[Video] Sympathy

The Promised Messiah shows that sympathy for the fellow human is a part of faith and that prophets have needed help so that people can see that there are those who are prepared to sacrifice everything for others in the way of Allah.

[Video] Use of Wealth

The Promised Messiah states in this extract that compassion and sympathy for Allah’s creatures can only be a part of a Muslim’s faith. This can only be attained by sacrificing one’s possessions to help others.


[Video] New Technology

How should it be determined what is haraam (an arabic word meaning ‘forbidden’) and what is not?

This question was out to us as a consequence of a web casting of a funeral which took place in the UK allowing people from all over the world to take part.

The Promised Messiah’s solution was to say that we should look at the use of something new and not at the thing itself. If it is used to benefit humanity then it cannot be against Islam if not then whatever use it is put to is against Islam.