The Power of Words

We live in an age when people forget how hurtful and devastating words can be. People flippantly make comments on online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with little regard to their effect. 

I often hear Muslims claim that Islam teaches us to speak kindly to people, but in reality when pushed people often fall back on aggression and harsh words, especially when it comes to the defence of our religion.

Muhammad Qahtani, the 2015 ToastMasters World Champion, reminds us in the video above how words can have a life and death impact.

The Power of Nature

The video above shows the stunning power of nature as intense winds actually force the water to push back up a waterfall in the Derbyshire Peak District in the UK.

Hikers stumbled upon this rare phenomenon as the high winds forced the 30m waterfall to push back up and into the river from where it came.

Knowledge is Power

Faizaan tells us why Islam stresses that knowledge and education is all important, and why we as Muslims are instructed to seek out knowledge.

He uses the example of the terrible murder of Lee Rigby to show that some people are trying to hijack Islam and twist the words of Allah for their own political gain.

The Power of Words

When we think of abuse, we often jump to the vision of someone being physically abused, but the power of mental abuse can be even more detrimental to a persons health.

In this video Mrs Nazara Ali looks at the effects both negative and positive words can have on us and how they can lead to either long term success or failure in both our professional and home lives.

She reads from various verses of The Holy Quran and also from Hadith to show that Islam already leads us in how we should speak to others, and she also looks at recent scientific work which is showing exactly what the Holy Quran already tells us.

Faith can move Mountains

The Holy Prophet was weak when people like Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Umar joined him. But faith in the truthfulness of prophet was such that they gave up the world for the sake of Allah.

Their spiritual eye saw what physical eyes could not see and that was life is not about accumulating things of things world. They laid down their lives for His sake willingly and died smiling.