Kitab Ul Bariyyah Part Two

We continue on from our reading, last week, of the Promised Messiah’s book kitab-ul-Bariyyah (My Exoneration).

In this section he discusses how we may find the right path. It is by reading the Holy Book. If that fails then by rational arguments and if even that fails then heavenly signs granted to the reformer of the age.

Legality, Morality & Practicality Part Two

We gave a speech a few weeks ago with the same title as above and we received many comments on Facebook and via email claiming that the concepts and examples we gave were outdated and no longer relevant.

Rather then reply to each comment we decided to re-visit this topic, so once again we present Chapter 4, verse 59 of The Holy Quran and give recent, modern day examples of how relevant this verse is to life today