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Biggest Charity Fraud in Panama Papers

An article by Akber Choudry on Medium; Money flows as charitable donations from ‘have’ countries like U.S.,. Canada, Pakistan, Germany and U.K. into AMJ International from where it is distributed into dubious projects around the world. The accounting in each country is kept up to date, but money gets lost in international transactions. [...]


The revelations that the rich all over the world are hiding their money in offshore accounts and that large international corporations are using what may amount to false transactions to reduce their tax burden is not news any more. Such revelations should not surprise us. In this speech we look at the reason why people behave in such a manner.

The Panama Papers



Women lead the way in first Mosque in Panama

Muslims account for approximately 1% of the population in the Central American Republic of Panama and now the construction of the first official Mosque for natives in the region has begun, as more and more native people turn to Islam. Construction on the Al Haqq mosque, as it will be known, finally began after a nine year campaign led by Muslims [...]