What is the real difference between the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect and other Muslim sects?

The Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement thus proclaims the absolute finality of the prophethood of Muhammad and also states that anyone that claims to be a Muslim must be accepted as a Muslim. No authority as the right to expel another Muslim from the fold of Islam; otherwise that leads to an environment of hostility and hatred amongst Muslims and leads to extremely bad consequences.


With that said, the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement also emphasizes certain teachings of Islam that have come to be ignored or forsaken

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Who does Allah bestow His favours upon?

This khutba carries on in general terms from the speech one of our younger members, Bushra Ahmad, made at the October Community meeting. She discussed the mention in the Holy Quran of an ant speaking to other ants and explained how ants communicate by exchanging chemicals.

This khutba looks at the fact that the Holy Quran is a book of guidance and if it mentions something then Allah must want us to study that phenomenon be it sun and the moon or be it the behaviour of ants.

The khutba also points to the fact that some latest research shows that ants do speak in the sense of producing sounds.

It is also pointed out that when Muslim ask for Allah to grant them the wisdom to follow those upon whom he has bestowed favours it does not just mean spiritual or religious matters but also science and knowledge.