Who came by night and why?

In this khutba we will be looking at Chapter 86 of The Holy Quran, verses one to three.

Allah seeks of a person who comes by night. Who is this person and what is the point of his coming? These are are the questions we try and answer by looking at these verses.

The Night of Majesty

Revealed during the last ten days of Ramadan, we look at its significance

In this speech one of our younger members of the Jamaat gives an overview of ‘The Night of Majesty’ and its significance for Muslims.

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Night of Majesty


It is true that the revelation of The Holy Quran started in Laila tul Qadr, and that this was the greatest truth realised by humanity but Islam is a way of life and does not just consist of religious rituals.

So the moment that Galileo realised that the Earth was not the centre of the Universe was better than the centuries of ignorance and darkness that preceded it, so this applies to all fields of life not just religion.

This is an alternative interpretation of Chapter 97 of The Holy Quran, that says one moment of understanding the truth is better than a life time of ignorance.

The Night of Majesty

Dr Zahid Aziz explored the literal interpretation of the verse that prayers during the lailat ul Qadr are equivalent to praying for 1000 months. He said that the verse cannot be taken at face value because that would mean that one need not pray during the rest of one’s life. In his opinion it refers to the change brought about in the lives of the Companions of the Holy Prophet by being in contact with him for one day was the same as the change that would have come about if they had struggled on their own for the whole of their lives.