Dangers of the internet

This is a section taken from a longer speech by Brother Mudassar who looks at the dangers of simply “googling it”, and how the misunderstanding of how google, facebook and twitter work can lead to mis-information being quickly spread.


Does The Holy Quran Advocate Violence

Rob Wallace and Lauren Effron from abc news;

While some fundamentalist Muslims may declare they follow Muhammad’s instructions to “fight the infidels,” moderate scholars argue the infidels he was referring to have been dead for 1,300 years.


“‘Infidel’ in the Koran is not just a noun or an adjective, it is the word that the Koran uses to describe explicitly and exclusively the Meccan aristocracy with which the Muslim community was at war with,” explained Dr. Reza Aslan, a Muslim scholar and author of several books on the Middle East.


Father Dan Madigan also pointed out the key passage that follows the “fight the infidels” line that many radical Islamists often ignore or don’t know it exists.


“The verse immediately after it says, ‘If any of the unbelievers asks you for sanctuary, then take them into your houses so that they might hear the word of God and then let them go on their way,'” he said.

ABC News took questions from viewers and posed them to a group of Muslim and non-Muslim scholars of the Holy Quran. The above extract was in relation to the question of whether the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) demanded that infidels be killed.

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The Holy Quran, the news, the bankers and the boat people

Many in the West say that there is no structure to the Holy Quran. They fall into this mistake because they try and read it like a history book or a story book. One could argue that there is no structure to a book of mathematics; one chapter is about addition, next subtraction, next multiplication etc.
We can only find a structure in the Holy Quran if we understands what it is about. Take the example of news on the TV. We could say there is no structure to them because unlike a film all the items are unrelated. But once we understand that the news are not like a film but tell us the important events of the day from different part of the world we understand the structure. The applies to the Holy Quran.
We also look at the news items from one day; banks being fined for manipulating exchange and interest rates, Muslim trying to flee persecution being turned away by Muslim countries to see if there is a relationship between these items.
If you are not able to watch the video above, then you can listen to our podcast of the khutba below;

Keep gambling, you will win millions

In June, the BBC News website ran a story in which it looked at a new wave of fruit machine like gambling terminals. These machines are driving huge profits for the betting shops and it is so worrying that local Councils are not trying to hit back and stop new betting shops from opening.

Just one road in Newham, East London has 18 (eighteen) betting shops alone, and more and more are opening around the country.

Reading from Chapter 5, verses 90 to 92 of The Holy Quran we look at the Islamic prohibition of gambling and the reasons why it is forbidden.

[Video] News International and Islam

It is now proven that reporters from the News of the World hacked people’s telephones to read their private messages. Here we look at Islamic teaching on the subject of privacy and that one day in this world the wrong doers have to account for their deed. We can see this happening before our very eyes.