Do Muslims need a New Years Resolution?

A week or so ago, millions perhaps hundreds of millions of people all over the World settled on their New Years resolutions for 2014. Lists of things that they are determined, at least for now, to change about themselves.

But as Muslims we do not need to wait until a new year to decide to be better or healthier people. As guided by Allah we must do this every day.

The evidence seems to show that people are very bad at keeping their grand resolutions and most often fail to keep up with their good intentions, so Allah has put in place a special mechanism to make sure we as Muslims do not falter from our intentions as that is called the Five Daily Prayers.

New Inventions

Used for years as an excellent tool for Dawah activities, Islamic websites and social media have been proved as a perfect tool to gather support for the needy, after a successful campaign went viral to offer help for a Muslim heart transplant patient.

Maria’s case went viral at social media after her family launched a fund raising campaign beyond US to save the life of the 31-year-old Muslim.

Under the title ‘Heart for Maria Haroon’, a Facebook page was made to raise money for the operation.

Twitter followers were also able to make contributions for Maria through @HeartForMaria.

Every time something new is launched there is a debate in the Muslim community about whether it is halal or not. As the Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam ahmad said it is not the invention that is halal or not but its use.

The same applies to social media which has attracted a bad press many times. The above quote is a wonderful example of how it may be used positively for the benefit of humanity.

Original Source: On Islam

Sighting the Moon

Every year there is a debate about when the Holy Month of Ramadan is going to start and when Eid is going to be celebrated, we have ourselves broadcast many khutba’s over the years on the issue.

Tradition is to look for the moon with the naked eye. Here we discuss whether it is permissible to use modern scientific methods to determine the new moon.

New Pakistan Government fails to stop Ahmadi persecution

For some time now anti-Jamaat-e-Ahmadiya (Jaamat) activities have been escalating all over Pakistan and particularly in Lahore. The members of Jamaat have been mercilessly tortured and rebuked in public over fake and felonious accusations. They have been threatened physically and mentally tortured and now live in fear of their lives. They have even been harassed while offering funeral rites for their dead. In Lahore, the person leading these inhuman and illegal activities is Muhammad Hassan Mavia, the son of Hafiz Muhammad Suleman, commonly known as ‘Tooti’. He plays a prominent role in activities against Jamaat members and is the principal complainant in the fabricated cases against them. For this he has also launched a group whose job it is to watch and report on Jamaat activities and make malicious plans to entrap Ahmadis in bogus cases.

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New Year’s Resolutions

People make large resolutions at the new years, only to forget them a few weeks later. The Holy Quran tells us that even if we do an atom’s worth of good we will see a reward for it. So, if we make a small resolution and keep to it that is much more achievable and useful. We will benefit from it.

But a Muslim makes a resolution every time he prays and at the next prayer he checks how far he has succeeded in achieving what he resolved. So small changes which are possible are constantly reviewed are better.

[Video] New Technology

How should it be determined what is haraam (an arabic word meaning ‘forbidden’) and what is not?

This question was out to us as a consequence of a web casting of a funeral which took place in the UK allowing people from all over the world to take part.

The Promised Messiah’s solution was to say that we should look at the use of something new and not at the thing itself. If it is used to benefit humanity then it cannot be against Islam if not then whatever use it is put to is against Islam.


[Video] New Technology

In Islam a murder has to be seen with the eye but in the recent trial of two suspects in the Stephen Lawrence case this was not so. The conviction was based on scientific evidence so should his killers have gone free? If not why can we not apply science to sighting the moon as well. The point about “sighting” is reliability i.e. when you have the most reliable information.


Twitter Feed

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New edition of the Holy Quran

An edited and abridged translation and commentary of the Holy Quran without Arabic text is published by the Central Anjuman.

The main changes are that the language of the translation has been changed to simpler English which Hazrat Maulana Muhammad, the original translator, used in his own first edition.

It includes extensive information on the teachings of Islam as well as collection and compilation of the Holy Quran.

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A New Birth

The part of a human being’s nature which inclines him to sin needs to die. Once that happens a new human free of sin is born.

This is the new man who is close to Allah.