Pakistan Supreme Court Blocks Execution Of Schizophrenic Murder Convict

Pakistan’s Supreme Court on Monday blocked the execution of a paranoid schizophrenic murder convict pending a review of an earlier ruling that his condition was not a permanent mental disorder and therefore not legally relevant, his lawyers said.


He was due to be executed Wednesday, according to execution orders issued last week.


But the Supreme Court agreed to review an October 21 ruling on Ali’s final appeal, when the court ruled that schizophrenia did not fall within Pakistan’s legal definition of mental disorders.

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Asad Shah’s murder

Asad Shah was a shopkeeper living in Glasgow, he was fatally stabbed on the night before Good Friday, the initial assumption was that this was a race hate crime and now the equally incorrect story is that he was murdered for being a member of the minority Qadiani sect.

In fact Asad Shah was a claimant to prophethood and the Qadiani jamaat had disowned him. The reason was that if their is a new prophet around, and the Qadianis believe prophets can continue to come, then the, so called, Qadiani khalifa of the prophet, is subservient to the prophet and therefore becomes irrelevant.

However, after Asad Shah’s murder he suddenly became their member. Why? Obviously, to gain publicity and for no other reason. We have received an email from a person in Glasgow asking the Qadiani officials to stop shedding crocodile tears about the death of this innocent person and we urge the Qadiani PR machine to stop using his death for publicity and propagation of their movement.

Press release: Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam condemn murder of Peter Kassig & 16 Syrian men

The global leadership of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam strongly condemns the brutal murders reported on Sunday 16th November, as against any teaching from the Holy Quran and in direct violation of the word of Allah.

ISIL have this morning released a video which purports to show the beheading of Peter Kassig, who took the name Abdul-Rahman after converting to Islam during his captivity.

The video also shows what appears to be the mass beheading of several captured Syrian soldiers. 16 soldiers who were murdered by 16 separate ISIS terrorists.

Shahid Aziz, the President of our UK Jamaat added the following statement;

We completely condemn these violent acts of murder by this terrorist group which does not represent Islam at all.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh) showed compassion and respect to all people regardless of colour, caste or creed and we must follow this sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad taught the message that Jihad is with the pen and not the sword, and we must spread Islam and combat our detractors by using the message of peace in the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

The murder of Lee Rigby

The UK was shocked by the video footage which emerged of two men who had killed and then tried to dismember a man in Woolwich last year.

During the attack and then later in court one of the men, Michael Adebolajo, a convert to Islam, tried to claim that he was compelled by Allah and the teachings from the Holy Quran to commit this act of murder.

In the above video we analyse his claim and correct his twisted interpretation of certain verses that he used to justify an act of cowardly murder and show that what these men did is in fact in direct violation of the teachings in the Holy Quran.

We also look at another incident which happened at around the same time, this time acts of terror against Muslims in Birmingham, and ask why that incident did not receive as much press attention.

Two guilty of Lee Rigby murder

Two men have been found guilty of murdering soldier Lee Rigby outside Woolwich barracks in south-east London in May.

Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, struck Fusilier Rigby with a car before hacking him to death.

Adebolajo had claimed he was a “soldier of Allah” and the killing was an act of war.

The men were found not guilty of attempting to murder a police officer at the scene.

“Islam, one of the great religions, is not on trial.”— Richard Whittam Q.C.

So said the prosecuting Counsel in the trail of the Muslim converts who murdered Lee Rigby. He is correct.

Islam says that the murder of one person is equal to the murder of the whole of humanity. Lee Rigby was not on duty, he was not in the battlefield and he was not fighting. His killing was not an act of war but cold blooded murder. We urge all Muslims to condemn it most forcefully.

Original Source: BBC News

Knowledge is Power

Faizaan tells us why Islam stresses that knowledge and education is all important, and why we as Muslims are instructed to seek out knowledge.

He uses the example of the terrible murder of Lee Rigby to show that some people are trying to hijack Islam and twist the words of Allah for their own political gain.

Muslims murder Christian after he was falsely accused of affair with Muslim girl

In Pakistan, hundreds of Christian girls are raped and forcefully converted by the Muslims but if any Christian man does such thing, he is sentenced to death and even the Muslim girl is also apostated. Religious minority is facing this discriminatory law every day while living in Pakistan.

The article above is truly shocking. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) is being dishonoured in the name of Islam

[Video] New Technology

In Islam a murder has to be seen with the eye but in the recent trial of two suspects in the Stephen Lawrence case this was not so. The conviction was based on scientific evidence so should his killers have gone free? If not why can we not apply science to sighting the moon as well. The point about “sighting” is reliability i.e. when you have the most reliable information.


Death by drone is swift and efficient – it’s also murder

I took the Letters page of this newspaper to confirm my instinctive reaction when I heard that the US government had assassinated Anwar al-Awlaki, a leading figure in al-Qa’ida, in Yemen. The Americans had sent two Predator drones to the area. They fired Hellfire missiles at a vehicle containing Awlaki and three other suspected al-Qa’ida members. The drone operator was probably working at an air force base in the US, most likely in Nevada. I picture him or her later driving home after a busy day in the office.

On our Letters page, Patricia Sheerin wrote that she searched our coverage in vain for just a few words condemning “yet another cowardly assassination”. Roger Jones lamented that “when we see the President of the United States calling a press conference for the second time in a matter of weeks to boast about having committed murder, it’s hard not to wonder whether the words moral compass still have any meaning at all in his unhappy country”. In fact the media as a whole was largely silent on the moral issues. Why was this?

Perhaps because the US has been conducting drone strikes on individuals since 2004. Reported drone strikes in north-west Pakistan by the US, for instance, including 60 so far in 2011 alone, have killed thousands of individuals in seven years, of whom many, but not all, were described as militants. The New America Foundation in Washington has collated these figures. But north-west Pakistan is akin to a war zone because of its porous frontier with Afghanistan, whereas Yemen is not. So a second reason for the lack of adverse comment must be that Awlaki was, by all accounts, a bad man.

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Can a Muslim murder another Muslim?

People are surprised that the Holy Quran deals with the accidental killing of one Muslim by another. They think that killing can only be deliberate.

Yet, this is not true. Daily we hear of people being killed by “friendly fire” in combat or someone accidentally running over another person.

The Holy Quran says that a part of the response is to compensate the victims.
There are also objections to payment of this “blood money”. However, we have the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board in the UK which pays compensation to victims. Is this not blood money?

We explore this subject in detail in the video below