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UK Mosques could be designed without minarets

John Bingham in The Telegraph: Mosques in the UK could be designed without minarets to look like “quintessentially English” places of worship, the former Conservative Party chairman Baroness Warsi has suggested. Lady Warsi, the first Muslim woman to sit in the Cabinet, is urging architects and designers to come up with a new model for [...]


Police Raid on a Berlin Mosque

Some UK news media have carried a news item stating that ‘Berlin Mosque’ has been raided by the German police searching for terrorists. The name ‘Berlin Mosque’ is synanomous with the first mosque to be built on the continent. The headquarters of this organisation, now located in Lahore in Pakisan, built this mosque [...]


Police tear down minarets on Ahmadi Mosque

The police approached the community on Friday after a local cleric complained that three worship places for Ahmadis had features that resembled mosques, namely minarets and verses from the Quran written on the walls. The minarets and verses were covered up, apparently to the police’s satisfaction, but a baying mob gathered at one worship [...]


China’s Female Mosques

China’s Hui Muslims are unique in many respects. The country’s second-largest ethnic minority share linguistic and cultural ties with the majority in China that have allowed them to practice their religion with less interference and fewer restrictions than others, like Uighur Muslims and Tibetans. Outside of China, the Hui practice of [...]


Sunnis destroy mosques rather than propagate Islam

Six minarets of an Qadiani place of worship, Baitul Hamd, were demolished by the Kharian city police Tuesday night. The demolition took place on the application of Saqib Shakeel Ghazi, Syed Iftikhar Kazmi and others from the Barelvi religious organisation called Tehreek-e-Tahaffuz-e-Islam. It had been filed to the Kharian police station. The [...]


Mosques split over women’s role

Guidelines issued to UK mosques calling for women to have a greater role in their running have been criticised by an influential Islamic organisation. The advice – sent out by the Mosque and Imams Advisory Board, MINAB – also asks for sermons to be held in English. MINAB wants to reform and regulate Islamic places of worship. But [...]


Freedom in the West?

We are told much about freedom in the West. Everyone is free to preach, practise and propagate their religion. Sadly, the reality is so different. In Switzerland, mosques cannot have minarets, in France women’s hijab is forcibly removed and the in the US, the bastion of the Western Values . . . read below Religious Land Use Protection and [...]