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[Video] Let us put our house in order

One reason we Muslims are criticised is that we tend to give the impression that, as a people, we are superior to others in morals. So that when some Muslims are found to be involved in immoral acts the larger society asks the question whether these Muslims are a few who have gone astray or whether there is something more fundamental in Muslim [...]


[Video] Miracles or Morals

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahamad says that in judging a man’s claim to be from God what we should at are his morals and not any miracles he may claim. Miracles can be accepted or rejected but a man’s character is an open book for all to read and judge. httpv://


Sublime Morals

The Holy Quran tells us that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) had sublime morals. One aspect of his sublime morals which finds little mention is that when he took a decision he would do so because it was the right decision without regard for whether his decision will please or displease others.