The Virtual Mosque

Donations for Pakistan

We would to say thank you to everyone who has donated via our charity for the unprecedented disaster which is still ongoing in Pakistan. Since our appeal at Eid we have raised thousands of pounds, and this money is being used right now to help with the relief works. You can still donate by clicking on the link below and following the instructions, [...]


Financial Sacrifices

Its not enough just to take the pledge to join the jammat. Money is needed for the propagation of Islam and members are required to make financial sacrifices for the cause of Islam by donating a part of their hard earned income to the jammat for its activities. httpv://


Can a Muslim murder another Muslim?

People are surprised that the Holy Quran deals with the accidental killing of one Muslim by another. They think that killing can only be deliberate. Yet, this is not true. Daily we hear of people being killed by “friendly fire” in combat or someone accidentally running over another person. The Holy Quran says that a part of the [...]