The criminalisation of Islam in the British media

Professor Paul Baker of Lancaster University carried out a unique research entitled, ‘The Representation of Islam and Muslims in the UK Press 1998-2009’. Along with three other academics, Professor Baker embarked on a rigorous study that involved the analysis of more than 200,000 articles, equating to over 147million words of journalism. The use of “corpus linguistic methods” in creating an “acceptable bias” was amongst other objectives of their endeavour.

There were some interesting conclusions that were drawn from the research:

  • For every positive article there were 21 negative articles.
  • Words such as “extremist”, “radical”, “terrorist”, “fundamentalist” and “cleric” have become synonymous to Muslims in the media.

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New Inventions

Used for years as an excellent tool for Dawah activities, Islamic websites and social media have been proved as a perfect tool to gather support for the needy, after a successful campaign went viral to offer help for a Muslim heart transplant patient.

Maria’s case went viral at social media after her family launched a fund raising campaign beyond US to save the life of the 31-year-old Muslim.

Under the title ‘Heart for Maria Haroon’, a Facebook page was made to raise money for the operation.

Twitter followers were also able to make contributions for Maria through @HeartForMaria.

Every time something new is launched there is a debate in the Muslim community about whether it is halal or not. As the Promised Messiah Hazrat Mirza Ghulam ahmad said it is not the invention that is halal or not but its use.

The same applies to social media which has attracted a bad press many times. The above quote is a wonderful example of how it may be used positively for the benefit of humanity.

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Where is the “Muslim World”? A Speech on Media Bias

How are Muslims and Islam talked about in the UK press? This is the question linguist Professor Tony McEnery wanted to answer.

His team looked at the usage of the phrase ‘Muslim World’, and Mr McEnery argues that this phrase, which was used 11,000 times in articles discussing Islam written from 1998 to 2009 by the British press, highlights an unsettling trend in the media — using language that characterizes Muslims as violent and unusual — a trend that, as he shows, has a long history and he asks us to change.

We have set the video above to start playing at 2 minutes and 7 seconds, as this is when Professor McEnery begins his speech on the above topic.

The side of Muslims the media never wants to show you

Project Clean For Peace. #MuslimLove from Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi on Vimeo.

“Here’s the other side of Newsweek’s Muslim Rage photo. Something the mainstream media wouldn’t be too keen to show you in highlighted characters and red strips. Today, tens of hundreds of people showed up from 8 year olds to 60+ senior citizens in different cities of Pakistan to clean up the mess created by the few individuals who somehow always end up defining Pakistan. Here’s to all of today’s participants, you’re the reason why we have a good future. Pakistan is proud of you.

Christian Terrorists and the Extremist Media

In this khutba we look at the knee jerk reaction in the West whenever an act of terrorism takes places in the West. It is to blame the Muslims. Even when it is proven that the Muslims were not responsible there is no apology but just a feeble “It’s the sort of things they do”. And the Western media and leaders still insist on saying that they are free, independent and fair.

[Video] The Media Hates Muslims?

The video below is a lighthearted look at the very serious issue of how anti Muslim the American ‘free’ press really are. It shows how they salivated in the hope that the attacks in Norway were by Islamic extremists. Even after it was shown that a blonde haired, blue eyed white Christian extremist was the culprit, they still tried to portray an anti Muslim twist to the true story.


Jihad…..The favourite word of the Western media used to describe acts of violence and terrorism by Islamic extremists.

Jihad….A favourite word used by so called Mullahs’ to attribute punishment against the West and Non Believers.

Jihad seems to have become the buzz word for ways to describe a negative with both the Western media and Muslims, but what does it actually mean? How should it be properly used?
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Media discriminate against Muslims

In the event of Britain going to war with an Islamic country who will the Muslims fight for?

Would they fight for Britain or the Islamic country under attack? It is said that Muslims can only be regarded as truly British if they are prepared to kill their brothers in the country under attack.

People in the UK claim that all other minorities would fight for Britain and not side with their co-religious.

Here the example of a Jew is given who says that this question was discussed in his religious education classes and that they always unanimously decided that they would fight for Israel against Britain.