Master of the Day of Judgement

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad expands on the verse of the Holy Quran which states that Allah is the master of the Day of Judgement and what it means in a Muslim’s life.


Wall of silence over sickening slaughter

The above photo is from @bilalazeez

Every time I gripped my pen to write about the most sickening murder, imagery of deceased Master Abdul Qudoos would incapacitate my fingers to paralysis and my senses to numbness. I, too, am considerably cognizant of my disability to meet with the requisites of this very sore subject.

The spokesman of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community – who is not deemed a reliable enough source by a bunch of human rights activists-cum-journalists – reported;

As my friend truly described that the facts of the case require no commentary, no analysis, no explanation; they are in themselves so harrowing and bleak that any further scrutiny would dilute the narrative of the despicable affair, I leave the agonies of Master Abdul Qudoos unto your ability of perception. Continue reading

[Video] Accountability

Two of Allah’s attributes are Rab or master or owner of the worlds and Malik or the judge. This is the concept of accountability because a master or owner has the right to ask his employee to account for what he did and whether he damaged anything the master has given him.

Master of the Universes


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