The Virtual Mosque

An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister, I write to you through the media because I want you and the non-Muslim British nationals to hear from the Lahore-Ahmadi Muslims how Muslims see the current political situation. Prime Minister, I write to speak out for the innocent in Syria and elsewhere. For those who, when they lose their lives there will be few to shed [...]


Eric Pickles letter to the Muslim community

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary has sent the following letter to over a thousand Muslim community ‘leaders’. We strongly support the request from the Communities Secretary to these Muslim leaders asking them to denounce violence and to say that they are proud to be British and uphold and promote values such as democracy, [...]


A Letter to President Obama

The White House email facility to write directly to the President was used to send the following to Mr Obama. I was born in Pakistan and I am now settled in the United Kingdom. I am a Muslim by religion and I visit the USA at least once a year to see family or as a tourist. I promote Islam as a modern, liberal and peaceful religion. Every [...]