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Eric Pickles letter to the Muslim community

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary has sent the following letter to over a thousand Muslim community ‘leaders’. We strongly support the request from the Communities Secretary to these Muslim leaders asking them to denounce violence and to say that they are proud to be British and uphold and promote values such as democracy, [...]


European Leaders Feared Islam State

The West is always telling Muslims that they are too sensitive and prone to believing conspiracy theories. When Muslims said that the West did not want to help Bosnian Muslims because they didn’t want a Muslim state in the heart of Europe, we were told not to be stupid. European leaders extolled that they are humanitarians and that religion [...]


How Should Our Leaders Decide Matters

The Holy Quran tells Muslims to obey Allah and then to obey the prophet (s) and those in authority over them. So if we find something in the Holy Quran we have to follow that. But if the Holy Quran is silent then we look to the example of the Holy Prophet (s) to see if we can find any guidance in that. If there is nothing there we should turn [...]