Muslim women stopped from becoming Labour councillors

From the BBC News:

Muslim Women’s Network UK demanded an inquiry into “systematic misogyny displayed by significant numbers of Muslim male local councillors”.

“They don’t like women to be heard, to be empowered,” it told BBC Newsnight.

Jean Khote, a sitting Labour councillor in Leicester, said good women candidates were barred by the membership in some areas with high Muslim populations – and that was kept from people higher up the party.

The mindsets of the Muslim men who came from Pakistan are in full affect in local politics in the UK.

There is no room in Islam for this kind of systematic abuse of women, cultural mindsets like this though are hard to break and I believe that there is little chance these men will ever change their ways, but this being the UK, these women at least have a way to protest to have these matters investigated and hopefully changed so that the next Muslim women who wants to stand can do so without being threatened and slandered.

The Labour MPs who voted for Syria Bombings

As most people now know there will be another war. Yesterday evening MPs in the House of Commons voted in favour of carrying out airstrikes over Syria. The United Kingdom is a sovereign country which is governed democratically, but despite this all Conservative MPs were instructed that they had to vote for this action whatever their feelings maybe.

So this leaves us with the major opposition, Labour, who were told by their leader Jeremy Corbyn that they had a free vote (despite his staunch, unwavering opposition to this war). So with hundreds of thousands of people writing to their Labour MPs imploring them to vote against this action, how did these Labour MPs vote?

Some 66 Labour MPs voted to back the Government in bombing ISIL terrorists in Syria, compared to 152 against.

A further 11 Labour MPs were absent from the vote, which ended with a huge 174 majority to authorise the RAF to extend airstrikes from Iraq to Syria.

11 members of the Shadow Labour Cabinet voted in favour of bombings whilst the Chief Whip Rosie Winterton abstained.

In 14 years of bombing the Middle East the United Kingdom has achieved nothing more than the deaths of innocent civilians and the strengthening of more and more terrorist organisations who use these bombings as a recruitment tool.

The complete list of Labour MPs who have voted to continue this horrible pattern of violence and the inevitable local repercussions can be found here

Muslims should vote in the British General Elections

Some Muslims are distributing leaflets saying that Muslims should not take part in elections in the Western Countries. They say it amounts to committing shirk.

They do not, however, produce any verse from the Holy Quran to support what they say. This khutba shows that, on the contrary, the Holy Quran gives clear instructions about who Muslims should elect as their leader as well as examples of how Allah expects leaders to behave. These are further supported by how the leaders of early Islamic communities behaved.

If we separate and isolate ourselves then we will become an irrelevance to the political and social structures of this country with no voice in the higher echelons of government and no influence on policy.

So we implor every Muslims in Britain to go out and vote tomorrow to influence and affect the political landscape of this country.