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The Lone Ahmadi

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad gives a short talk about the position of those Muslims who although they do not recognise his claims do not call him a heretic. He also advises Ahmadis about what to do if they find that in an area there is only one Ahmadi. Should they join and pray behind a Sunni who calls him a kafir or pray on their own.


Sunnis are Kafirs

Advances in the medium that is the internet mean that Qadiani lies can be exposed instantly and they cannot, as they did previously, expound contradictory teachings in different countries across the world. In his press conference held to comment on the attacks on the Qadiani mosques in Lahore. Their representative said that Qadianis believe [...]


Qadiani meddling puts us all at risk!

Why are Ismailis not declared kafirs when their beliefs diverge from those of Sunni‚Äôs in a more fundamental way than those of Ahmadis? The author, an ismaili, wonder why the constitution of Pakistan doesn’t declare Ismailis to be kafirs in this situation. He wonders whether it is because the Ismailis are rich and influential or if [...]