Jinnah’s historic residence destroyed

Pakistanis' destroy founders legacy A historic, 121 year-old, building used by Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Balochistan has been destroyed after terrorists targeted it with bombs and gun fire that triggered a blaze, that took over four hours to extinguish. The Residency, built in 1892, was originally used as the Summer residence of the … Continue reading Jinnah’s historic residence destroyed

Jinnah’s dream becomes nightmare for minorities

Hopes were high when Jinnah presided over the Constituent Assembly in 1947 and declared without doubt that freedom of religion was to be respected. It was his wish to lift up the economic and politically deprived Muslims from their backwardness that led to the support of many non-Muslim minority activists as well, notably Christians. In … Continue reading Jinnah’s dream becomes nightmare for minorities