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Jinnah’s historic residence destroyed

Pakistanis’ destroy founders legacy A historic, 121 year-old, building used by Pakistan’s founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Balochistan has been destroyed after terrorists targeted it with bombs and gun fire that triggered a blaze, that took over four hours to extinguish. The Residency, built in 1892, was originally used as the Summer [...]


Jinnah considered Ahmadis as Muslims

As our anchors and TV channels commit national and logical suicide by referring to Ahmadi Mosques as “marakaz” and “Ibadgahs”, we must remind ourselves of the views of Quaid-e-Azam Mahomed Ali Jinnah who relied heavily on the Jamaat Ahmadiyya and its brilliant son Ch. Zafrulla Khan (whose younger brother was killed recently). Jinnah [...]


Mr Jinnah’s Vision for Pakistan

There is always a debate in Pakistan about what was Mr Jinnah’s purpose in asking for division of India into India and Pakistan. Here are some extracts from his inaugural speech on the day of independence to the National Assembly of Pakistan. “We should begin to work in that spirit and in course of time all these angularities of the [...]