Jewish Mujadidds

Jewish Mujadidds! In 5:32 the Holy Quran says that it told the Israelites that killing of one person is equal to the killing of humanity. But this is not found in the Old Testament. We show where the Israelites were given this Command.



So, what did the Muslims do for the Jews?

Within a century of the death of Mohammad, in 632, Muslim armies had conquered almost the whole of the world where Jews lived, from Spain eastward across North Africa and the Middle East as far as the eastern frontier of Iran and beyond, almost all the Jews in the world were now ruled by Islam. This new situation transformed Jewish existence. Their fortunes changed in legal, demographic, social, religious, political, geographical, economic, linguistic and cultural terms – all for the better.

Wasserstein wrote in The Jewish Chronicle.

This is a statement by a Jew which shows that while in the West Jews were being persecuted, their culture and religion thrived in Muslim countries. It is sad that Islamic history regarding its tolerant treatment of the Jews is being distorted by Muslims themselves.

Muslims forget that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had a Jewish wife. When she complained to him that his other wives taunted her for being a Jew, he told her to tell them she is better than them because her father was Abraham, her brother was Aaron and her husband is Muhammad. From that beginning to the Second World War Muslims have protected the Jews; saving thousands in Morocco, Libya and even in France.

Jewish and Muslim unity

Bradford Synagogue

We’re constantly bombarded by implicit and explicit images of the relationship that Jews and Muslims supposedly have in today’s world. We are bombarded with the cliched reminder that we “used to get along” but recently have become enemies. We’ve almost become used to it, accepted it as some sort of reality. And, ironically, all these “interfaith” events can often cause us to feel even more disconnected. They just don’t seem as genuine as a true connection. It would seem the only people you would need to show such “unity” with is people you don’t get along with.

Jewish-Muslim relations always get a bad press. In the link below have posted just a few examples of how members of each community have helped each other. It all started at the advent of Islam when Jews would flee the Christian persecution in Europe and seek sanctuary under Muslim rule. But such help is not ancient history. Muslims saved Jews during the Holocaust, a Muslim raised funds for a Synagogue so that Jews in his area didn’t have to travel 10 miles to pray – the list may be endless.

Original Source: 10 images of Jewish Muslim unity that go beyond the headlines

Half-Arab half-Jewish British woman’s Gaza experience

Reya El-Salahi from Oxford, who has a Muslim Arab father and a Jewish mother, was invited into a stranger’s home in Gaza where a mother told her how she wanted peace but her son wanted to grow up to be a fighter.

Reya travelled to Israel and the Palestinian territories to find out what daily life was like on both sides of the conflict and to see if there was anywhere she could fit in.

She found Gaza to be a “stark difference” to the other areas she visited and the most dangerous.

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Where Did Hilary Go?

white house

It is the image that has come to define a pivotal point in history, capturing the moment the deadly raid on Osama Bin Laden’s lair was watched in awe by the White House elite.

But it appears for one U.S. newspaper, a couple of the people sat with President Barack Obama in the Situation Room that day were not quite elite enough.

Brooklyn-based Hasidic newspaper Der Zeitung printed a story this week with a subtly manipulated version of the historic image – all the men in the photograph remain untouched but the two women in the picture have been Photoshopped out.

childrenPhotoshopped picture removing the women

It is thought the newspaper, which is written in Yiddish and serves a small part of the area’s ultra-orthodox Jewish community, removed the women because of religious issues regarding female modesty. Continue reading