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Pakistani Hindus seek safety in India

Preetam Das is a good doctor with a hospital job and a thriving private clinic, yet all he thinks about is leaving Pakistan, terrified about a rise in killings and kidnappings targeting Hindus. A successful professional, he lives in Karachi with his wife and two children, but comes from Kashmore, a district in north of Sindh. His family has [...]


India jails 31 Hindus for life for killing Muslims

Thirty-three Muslims burned alive when building was set alight during bout of communal violence in Gujarat state A court has sentenced 31 Hindus to life imprisonment for killing dozens of Muslims by setting fire to a building during one of India’s worst rounds of communal violence nine years ago. Judge ST Srivastava acquitted 41 others [...]


I never really cared for Ahmadis

And yes, Ahmadis are worse off in Pakistan than Christians and Hindus. We want to forcibly convert Christians and Hindus. But Ahmadis shouldn’t exist. Period. The Express Tribune Some decent Pakistanis are ashamed of the way minorities, especially Ahmadis, are treated in Pakistan, some stay quiet for fear of retribution, whilst a few use [...]