Hijab Liberated Me: Model

“I crumbled time after time…I picked myself up just to crumble all over again,” she said.

This all changed when she received an offer to parade in the hijab for a commercial casting a few months ago.

At this moment, Yeap felt “liberated”.

She now feels “happy, protected and safe” every time she dons the hijab.

Though Yeap has not converted to Islam so far, she started to skip fashion shoots that makes use of her body.

There is much criticism in the West of women wearing the hijab. It is true that women should not be forced to wear it and that Islam enjoins modesty on both men and women.

The experience of this model from the Philippines shows that women who of their own free will use modest dress feel safe rather than play things for men. Exhibitionism also does not free women on the contrary it degrades them.

Original Source: On Islam

‘Compulsory hijab’ school is shut down

A controversial Muslim school where staff were forced to wear the hijab has temporarily closed after concerns were raised by Ofsted inspectors.

They were called to the Al-Madinah free school in Derby to investigate a series of concerns, including claims that girls were made to sit at the back of classes.

It has not yet been confirmed whether other concerns, including the strict dress codes imposed on non-Muslim teachers and the segregation of girls and boys, were linked to the closure.

Nick Raine, a regional officer for the National Union of Teachers, who had been contacted by six teachers from the school with concerns about its practices, said shutting a school within hours of an inspection is ‘unprecedented’.

He added: ‘It must be quite significant for a school to be shut down so quickly.’ The school is already being investigated by the Education Funding Agency, from which it receives public money, over alleged irregularities over its grants.

How many times do we have to tell the British governments that Sunnis hide their real beliefs. When they meet ministers to get government funding they are nice and moderate but the truth is behind the scenes. For example, they say Islam does not force others to follow their rules but look at what this “Islamic” school was doing.

Original Source: Dailymail.co.uk

Thousands Protest Clothing Ban

Anger at plans to ban Religious wear

In a move similar to that which was successful in France two years ago, a Quebec minister is attempting to have all religious clothing and symbols banned in public worker positions.

The proposed ban of headscarves, turbans and other religious garments is part of a proposed overhaul of the Canadian province’s “Charter of Values.”

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Montreal with chants of “no to the charter” and “Quebec is not France”

The Quebec minister in charge of the issue, Bernard Drainville, said recently that ridding the region of the public wearing of religious apparel by government workers would help provide a greater sense of unity among Quebecers.

“The best way to respect all Quebecers, the best way to respect all beliefs and all religious, is for the state to have no religion,” Drainville said.

That neutrality does not apply, however, to the crucifix that has adorned the main chamber of the National Assembly since 1936, which will stay up in deference to the province’s “cultural heritage,” he confirmed.

The minister seems oblivious to the double standards he is guilty of in attempting to justify leaving the large crucifix in place whilst trying to ban “all” religious clothes and jewellery in his region.

Rather than an act to promote freedom this seems to be another example of a Government attempting to legislate what people are allowed or not allowed to wear due to a fear of what they see as something which is ‘not normal’.

Where is “freedom” that West extols?

Western countries are always telling us that Islam does not allow individuals freedom as do the countries of the West.

Recently, we have had legal bans imposed on Muslim women using the hijab in countries such as France and Italy.
It is now recommended that smoking should be legally banned in cars and homes where there are children.

So where is this absolute freedom in the West that is much shouted about?