[Podcast] Destruction of Qadian

[audio:http://www.virtualmosque.co.uk/podcast/Destruction_of_Qadian.mp3] I visited Qadian recently and the staff of the Qadian proudly showed me their renovations. It is sad to say that rather than renovate they have destroyed the historic buildings in Qadian. The original building had bare brick which has been plastered over, as raising the mosque obscured the Minara tul Massih from view … Continue reading [Podcast] Destruction of Qadian

[Video] Unity of Godhead

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (a.s.) explains that the Unity of Godhead and the 'messengership' of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) are inseparable. Prophets of Allah have it in their nature to worry about the spiritual nourishment of people just like it is in a mother’s nature to provide physical nourishment for a child. httpv://youtu.be/gSMnp-UTLl0