Do more people believe in aliens than God?

A new survey from OnePoll, the London based creative market research company, has found that more Britons believe that aliens exist than God does. reports that

A detailed study carried out among 1,500 adults and 500 kids, aged 8-12, found more than half of adults (51 per cent) believe in aliens, but only a quarter said the same of God.

The research showed that adults are in fact more likely to believe in ghosts, UFO’s and angels than God.

The poll found one in five Brits claim to have experienced the supernatural and one in ten reckon they have lived in a haunted house at some point in their lives.

And of the children polled, nearly two thirds felt aliens and ghosts existed, and half were confident that UFO’s were genuine the poll by Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, London found.

Conducted just as halloween is approaching this poll could be seen as nonsense, but this type of data does raise serious questions about how and why all religious institutions are failing people.

Adults believe in (according to the Ripley poll)

    1. Ghosts 55%
    2. Aliens 51%
    3. UFOs 42%
    4. Angels 27%
    5. God 25%

In a World where people heavily rely on science for answers to life and beyond, we are seeing people more willing to believe in aliens and ghosts than God.

We live in a new World where simply reciting text from religious books is not enough to bring people towards finding God. Religion is blamed for most of the ills in the World and we all need to find new ways to engage and bring people back to faith in one God.

God & Allah are different

I would advise caution here. It is true Muslims worship one and merciful God. However, this sentence suggests that the two conceptions of God are equal. Yet in Christianity God is the Trinity in its essence, plurality united by love: He is a bit more than just clemency and mercy. We have two quite different conceptions of the Divine One. Muslims characterize God as inaccessible. The Christian vision of the Oneness of the Trinity emphasizes that God is Love which is communicated: Father-Son-Spirit, or Lover-Beloved-Love, as St. Augustine suggested.

Sometime ago we published news that in Malaysia some clerics have been upset by use of the name Allah by the Christians.

This development was roundly denounced around the World, and we also provided evidence to show why. What doesn’t get publicised though are the debates Christians have on similar issues.

In the link below is a debate among Catholics regarding whether the Pope was correct to say that God of Islam and God of Christianity are the same. It seems that many Catholics believe that they are different. If that is the case then should they be using the name Allah for their Divine Being?

Original Source: The American Catholic

Allah – The only true name for the Divine Being

In this Khutba we looks at the name given to the Divine Being in Islam. We shows that the name Allah is a unique name and is a name only ever used for the Divine Being.

We correct some common misunderstandings with regard to the origins of the name Allah and clarify this by giving an explanation of how Arabic grammar works.

A portion of this speech was taken from the book ‘Allah – The Unique name of God’ which can be downloaded from the following link;

Allah -The Unique name of God

Path to Allah

In this extract Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad explains that it is easy to talk and to make claims but what counts are actions. Empty words mean nothing but action is what counts and that is the reason Allah in the Holy Quran always adds action to belief.

The Existence of Allah – An Answer to Dawkins

A few weeks ago Al Jazeera published a video in which Richard Dawkins and Mehdi Hasan had a discussion in Oxford, many things where discussed and this time it was Islam that was used in the arguement for/against the existence of Allah.

In our video we give a response to Dawkins on the existence of Allah, and also look at some of the comments made by Hasan, which seem to contradict Sunni beliefs.

Islam Without God

Is it possible to have religion without God? Thirty years ago, Don Cupitt’s Sea of Faith set out “Christian non-realism” – ethics without God – angering the Church and intriguing millions. Philosopher Alain de Botton has recently done the same. But is this just a concept for cynical post-Christians, or could it work for Muslims too?

The above embedded BBC Radio 4 programme (only available to people in the UK) looks to answer this question.

The Stronger Sex – Spiritually Speaking

Question: Do you believe in God or a universal spirit? [IF BELIEVE IN GOD, ASK]: How certain are you about this belief? Are you absolutely certain, fairly certain, not too certain, or not at all certain? [IF BELIEVE IN GOD, ASK]: Which comes closest to your view of God? God is a person with whom people can have a relationship or God is an impersonal force?

March is Women’s History Month. A new analysis of data from the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life, finds that women are more religious than men on a variety of measures.

Original article

[Video] Allah or Priests

When faced with truth with which they disagree most people resort to saying that their elders and great men did not say these things. This is to raise them to the level of divinity. The only Being whose Commands cannot be questioned is Allah and if we say that someone else is above being questioned then you are implicitly raising them to the same status.

[Video] Signs of True Faith

Every nation claims to love God but what we want to know is whether Allah loves them. If Allah loves a people he cleanses their hearts of all doubt and becomes close enough to them to speak to them. He tells such men that He is present and they have found him. So by displaying His love for such people He shows that they are following the right path.


[Video] A Peace Offering

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad extended an olive branch to his opponents. He asked them to go and stay with him in Qadian and see for themselves whether he denies the existence of God, claim to be a prophet or drinks. No one took advantage of this offer because they were too scared of the Mullahs.