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Life is worthless in Gaza

This is one of the most powerful and upsetting things I have read recently from someone living life in Gaza. I have always thought that those who resort to violence or those who go as far as exploding themselves are sick and inhuman. But now I know how it feels to have nothing to lose but your worthless life. I know how it feels to be so desperate [...]


The names of the children who have died in Gaza

See a bigger version of the picture here The crimes being committed by Israel are the most horrific of many peoples lifetimes. There can be no doubt that Israel are targeting civilians and it is their policy to do so. The silence from the vast majority of the international community is shameful, including those so called Muslim nations. Children [...]


Gaza is not just about them, it’s about us, too

But holding this girl baby connected me again to the wardfuls of small children so brutally smashed by this odious war. Connected me too to the ever-present reality that the average age in Gaza is 17 and that a quarter of a million are children are, like the babe in my arms, small children. and for the first time in my reporting life, scarred, [...]