Q&A: Praying for Non-Muslims

Does Islam allow Muslims to pray for non-Muslims who have died?

A reader recently emailed us the above question as he wants to perform funeral prayers for a close non-Muslim friend who has passed away.
There are three aspects to this;

  • Ritual funeral rites as performed for a Muslim.
  • General Supplication and
  • Condolences and sympathy being shown to the family of the deceased and respect for the deceased’s body.

The general view of Muslims who are not Lahore-Ahmadis is that a Muslim is not permitted to offer condolences to the family of the deceased and offer them sympathy let alone supplication or ritual prayer. Continue reading

Funeral of Mrs Akhar Aziz

Mrs Akhtar Aziz sadly passed away on Friday 11th January 2013 at 6.05pm in hospital. We will be live streaming the funeral events for the many people from around the world who are not able to be in the UK to attend.

Today’s broadcast will start at 11am GMT.

Click here to watch

Qaid-i-Azam’s funeral – A reply to Qadianis.

After our youtube post about the Qadianis admitting that they do not consider non Qadianis as Muslims a member of the Qadiani jamaat sent us a video in reply to our video where it was said that Sir Zafarullah did not say Qaid-i-Azam’s funeral prayers.

Here is a reply to the feeble Qadiani attempt to explain the reasons for Sir Zafarullah not saying these funeral prayers.