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‘Free a neck’ for a better life

This article is from the ‘The Better Life’ magazine Nov 2014 issue Decapitation is separating the head from the body. Beheading is intentional decapitation with an axe, sword, knife, wire, or by a guillotine. From 1351 until it was abolished in 1870 it was a legal punishment in England for persons convicted of high treason. The [...]


Sunnis free to attack minorities in Pakistan

..police however are refusing to take the victim’s statement, and three weeks on from the incident the criminals still go unpunished. As too often happens in Pakistan, when the victim is a Christian and his executioners belong to the Muslim majority and the violation of laws and rights takes place in complete indifference. The article [...]


When Rapists go free

We hear much from the religious political parties of Pakistan about the rights granted to women by Islam. Of course, Islam has granted equality of opportunity and full rights to women. It is sad comment on the moral fabric of these religico-political leaders, who claim to be fighting for the introduction of Islamic values in Pakistan, that [...]