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Fighting at meeting over status of Ahmadi

From The Guardian: A scuffle broke out on Tuesday between the two at a gathering of Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) when the chairman, Mohammad Khan Sherani, called on the group to consider whether Ahmadis, who are declared non-Muslims by the constitution, should be considered murtads that have rejected Islam. A declaration [...]


Fight Oppression and Tyranny

In Egypt a Coptic Church was bombed and in Pakistan a politician, Salman Taseer Governor of the Punjab, who called for the protection of minorities was shot by his own security guard. The Holy Quran tells Muslims to fight oppression and tyranny where ever it is until “all religions” are for Allah. Not religion but religions in the plural. [...]


Fight with the pen and not the sword

We discuss the first eight verses of Chapter 96 of the Holy Quran. Looking at why Allah commanded not only the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but the whole of humanity to read and secondly why the command to read occurred twice in those verses. [FLOWPLAYER=,425,300]


Media discriminate against Muslims

In the event of Britain going to war with an Islamic country who will the Muslims fight for? Would they fight for Britain or the Islamic country under attack? It is said that Muslims can only be regarded as truly British if they are prepared to kill their brothers in the country under attack. People in the UK claim that all other minorities [...]