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We have nothing to fear from our Muslims

A little-noticed section of the Leveson report said Muslims were targets of systematic press hostility. The judge had good cause for concern: even journalist Polly Toynbee, the high priestess of progressive politics, has admitted to taking pride in Islamophobia. Polls have found nearly half of Britons think there are too many Muslims in Britain [...]


Forced conversions hike Pakistan minorities’ fears

It was barely 4 a.m. when 19-year-old Rinkal Kumari disappeared from her home in a small village in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. When her parents awoke they found only her slippers and a scarf outside the door. A few hours later her father got a call telling him his daughter, a Hindu, had converted to Islam to marry a Muslim boy. [...]


[Podcast] Fear of Fasting

[audio:] Ramadan is something to look forward to with excitement and not something to be dreaded because fasting leads to spiritual uplifting. So if we keep this in mind we will not dread the long hours of fasting but look forward to it. You can download the podcast by clicking