The Virtual Mosque

Live Today: July Monthly Meeting!

Yes you read our headline correctly. Our July meeting has been moved forward to today, the 23rd June 2013, as Hazrat Ameer is currently in the UK and wished to be involved before heading back to Pakistan. Therefore a week early we are today broadcasting our much anticipated ‘Family Day’ meeting. The family day meeting gives the [...]


[Video] Interpreting The Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is often misunderstood and misinterpreted by Non Muslims and sometimes Muslims too, as they do not understand the structure in which it was written and revealed. Inshaal spoke on ‘Family Day’ explaining that The Holy Quran is written in two styles and how these can dramatically influence our understanding of various [...]


[Video] Divorce

A senior British judge of the Family Court has recently commented to say that a high divorce rate is putting society under pressure and it is to be discouraged. Apart from the parties involved it puts their families, especially their children, under great stress. His conclusion is that divorce should be discouraged. This exactly what the Holy [...]