Sunnis fail to defend The Holy Prophet

We were hurt when a brother Sunni sat quietly as a Christian priest said that the Holy prophet Muhammad (s) is NOT in heaven during an episode of the BBC Big Questions show.

There was no rebuttal from our Sunni brothers sitting there and it made Ahmadis feel sad and ashamed. We discuss what happened in the video below.

Sunnis fail to protect the honour of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s)

In the Big Questions, a programme aired by BBC1 on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am on 29th May 2011 a Christian preacher was asked whether the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) was in heaven. His answer, and may Allah forgive us for saying so, was NO. There were a number of Sunnis present, one the imam of the Sunni mosque in the Tooting area of London, who were totally silent. They said nothing. They did not speak out to condemn this statement. They did not defend the Holy Prophet. In short, they did nothing at all. These are the people who accuse us of dishonouring the Holy Prophet (s). How disgraceful is such behaviour! It seems to us that the Sunnis are only concerned with using such excuses to further their political agenda and are not really bothered if our beloved prophet is dishonoured by people. May Allah save us all from such hypocrisy.