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Muslims face job discrimination

The Independent is reporting what many Muslims already know. Muslim men were up to 76 per cent less likely to have a job of any kind compared to white, male British Christians of the same age and with the same qualifications. And Muslim women were up to 65 per cent less likely to be employed than white Christian counterparts. Muslims were [...]


The Ugly Face of Sunnis

“Consider us Pakistanis first and then Hindus,” said a member of the minority community during a press conference organised by 15 NGOs at the Karachi Press Club to condemn the recent killings of three Hindu doctors in Shikarpur. Representatives of the civil society demanded the arrest of the culprits involved in the murder of the medical [...]


‘Ask The VM’: Do women have to wear the veil?

So the hot topic seems to be about the full veil. The fact that some Muslims women cover themselves up from head to toe has offended some European countries so much that they are passing laws to prohibit them being worn in public places! Freedom indeed! Jason emailed us and one of the things he asked was Do Muslim women have to wear the full [...]