What the F.B.I knows about Islam

The horizontal axis shows what I suppose are meant to be the publication dates for the “Torah,” “Bible,” and “Koran”—or births or the burning bush, or something; since the years are 1400 B.C., 3 B.C., and 610, respectively—it’s hard to tell. The vertical one starts with “violent” and rises to “non-violent,” and shows a steady, unbroken upward progress for the “adherence by pious and devout” to the Torah and Bible until the two simultaneously reach a pacific apex and converge somewhere around 2009, as if this were a chart mapping interfaith relations at a country club on Long Island, rather than world history. (Not even a teeny-tiny blip for the religious wars of the sixteenth and seventeenth century?) Meanwhile, the Koran tops out in its march to progress in 622, and remains absolutely flat from then until today. There are some crescents with the crosses and Stars of David in the upper reaches, but they seem mostly part of a celestial decorative scheme.

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