Yoshinori Ohsumi wins Nobel prize in medicine for work on autophagy

The Nobel prize in medicine has been awarded to a Japanese cell biologist for discoveries on how cells break down and recycle their own components.


Yoshinori Ohsumi, 71, will receive the prestigious 8m Swedish kronor (£718,000) award for uncovering “mechanisms for autophagy”, a fundamental process in cells that scientists believe can be harnessed to fight cancer and dementia.


Autophagy is the body’s internal recycling programme – scrap cell components are captured and the useful parts are stripped out to generate energy or build new cells. The process is crucial for preventing cancerous growths, warding off infection and, by maintaining a healthy metabolism, it helps protect against conditions like diabetes.

The Theory of Evolution in action. Read More.

Life After Death

In this podcast Dr Hameed Jahangiri from USA is conducting the memorial services for his departed friend Dr Shakeel Khan. He explains the process of human evolution beyond physical death as told in the Holy Quran.

Evolution is not Islamic

Chapter 2 verse 30 of The Holy Quran is used by Muslims to argue that the ‘Theory of Evolution’ is “un-Islamic”.

So in this video we look at two authentic commentaries of the Holy Quran on the verses related to creation to see what they say about creation. They refer to even older classical scholars to see whether there was a creation on earth before Adam.

Bridging the gap between Evolution & Faith

“For many years I thought that evolution was incompatible with Islam but then I started reading more about the tradition of Islam and about science of evolution and came to believe that there are many areas of compatibility,” said Nidhal Guessoum, professor at the American University of Sharjah, UAE. “If you do not insist on a materialistic interpretation of Darwinism, then it has no problem with Islam.”

In fact, Guessoum quotes several Muslim scientists between the 9th and the 14th century who studied natural sciences and adopted various forms of evolution.

But professor John Hedley Brooke of the University of Oxford, UK, thinks that evolution and some faiths cannot be fully reconciled. “I believe that ultimately [faith and evolution] are compatible, but there are problems, and history shows that. And we need to discuss them.”

For many years a debate has gone on amongst the Muslims about whether the theory of evolution is compatible with Islam. And we know that;

several Muslim scientists between the 9th and the 14th century who studied natural sciences and adopted various forms of evolution.

A theory is a possible scientific explanation for certain observations. It may be correct or incorrect. Islam embraces all scientific enquiry so it is extremely dangerous to ban something on the ground that it is unIslamic.

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[Video] Evolution of Species

In the first part of this series Dr Mir Faizal Mir talked about the Evolution of the Universe, in this second segment he explains that genetic research shows that homosapiens emanated from a single couple living in Africa.

Evolution of man

In this khutba the theory of Evolution is explained in a very simple and non-technical, even inaccurate manner. It is also considered whether it is against what the Holy Quran teaches. The view expressed is that it is a theory which means a possible explanation and that science develops by putting forward theories to explain observable data. There is nothing Islamic or un-Islamic in these things.

Evolution of The Universe

This talk explores the concepts behind the evolution of the universe put forward by the big bang theory which shows that everything came into being instantaneously from nothing.

This can be said to supported by the verse of the Holy Quran where Allah says that He says be and it is. However, it is dangerous to use the verses of the Holy Quran to support scientific theories because as new evidence appears these theories change.

Evolution and Islam Part 1

An Imam at a mosque in the East End of London has been threatened and abused for giving a lecture in which he said that the theory of Evolution does not necessarily contradict the Holy Quran.

In this series of khutbas I hope it can be shown that this imam was correct. People forget that there are two parts to evolution. There is the evolution of the universe and human evolution. And although each needs separate treatment. However, the basis of evolution is development.

The first khutba sets the background for evolution is describing what is called the scientific method and how science develops its theories to explain observation. In the second one, I hope to deal with evolution of the universe and the last one human evolution.