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[Video] Islam and the Environment

The Holy Quran reminds people of the creation and says that Allah created everything that is on this earth so that man “may not exceed the measure”. But humans ignore this instruction and misuse the bounties of Allah. Although the question Allah asks “which of my bounties will you deny?” is rhetorical the answer is that by misusing [...]


[Video] Humankind and the Environment

35:8 Is he whose evil deed is made fair-seeming to him so that he considers it good? — Now surely Allah leaves in error whom He pleases and guides aright whom He pleases, so let not thy soul waste in grief for them. Surely Allah is Knower of what they do. 35:9 And Allah is He Who sends the winds, so they raise a cloud, then We drive it on [...]


Islam is Green

A BBC 1 documentary, Human Planet, looked at deserts on this planet and how people living in those areas manage; especially as far as water is concerned. It showed the ungratefulness of humans are living in areas where there is no shortage of water. How they waste and pollute clean water without any regard for its importance.