Ethnic diversity in Germany and the UK

In an interesting speech Aisha describes the differences between her school in England and that of her German exchange student friend.

Whilst the UK embraces (despite UKIP et al) diversity and encourages us all to learn about different cultures some in Germany have never even heard of Eid of Diwali, two things celebrated by billions of people all over the planet.

How many Muslims in England?

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Our info graphic above clearly shows the effects on the public, of years of anti-Islamic reporting by the national press in the UK. These results were before the hysteria in the national press over the halal ‘meat scandal’, and daily follow up articles about British people secretly being fed halal food.

You can see all the other interesting results from the Ipsos MORI poll here.

[Video] Objective of Life

This verse came to mind because of the recent diamond jubilee celebrations of the reign of the Queen of England over her realm and the Commonwealth. What is common between this verse and these celebrations, you may ask. What this verse is doing is to explain to the Muslims what is the purpose of their life. It is the service of humanity and of Allah. The object and purpose of the Queen’s life is the service of her nation and her country. It is this idea of service – doing things for others without expecting anything in return for it, which seems to be disappearing from the world. In a way the Queen is an example for us in that even in this old age she continues to serve her people. A Muslim’s objective should be that he or she serves Allah and we can learn much about this from the Queen of England.