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Deaths Under The British Empire

From The Independent; A new YouGov pollĀ has found the British public are generally proud of the British Empire and its colonial past.   YouGov found 44 per cent were proud of Britain’s history of colonialism, with 21 per cent regretting it happened and 23 per cent holding neither view.   The same poll also found 43 per cent [...]


Muslim Rulers and the British Empire

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah and Mehdi, said that Jihad of the sword against the British rule in India was not required because; Jihad of the sword was meant to protect freedom of religion and belief and that existed under British rule. Jihad was only to be conducted when Muslims had the resources to carry out such warfare [...]


India’s Hidden Massacre

In September and October 1948, soon after independence from the British Empire, tens of thousands of people were brutally slaughtered in central India. Some were lined up and shot by Indian Army soldiers. Yet a government-commissioned report into what happened was never published and few in India know about the massacre. Critics have accused [...]