Democracy for Sale

The Holy Qruan says:

4:58 Surely Allah commands you to make over trusts to those worthy of them, and that when you judge between people, you judge with justice. Surely Allah admonishes you with what is excellent. Surely Allah is ever Hearing, Seeing.

A question then arise about people’s representatives who are for sale. We see this happening all over the world. Interest groups with money make donations to campaign funds and in turn their interests are protected. Are such people worthy of our trust in them?


Democracy and the Arabs


One of the incidental pleasures of the past few weeks has been watching the Western media struggling to come to terms with the notion of Arab democracy.

The Arabs themselves seem clear enough on the concept of a democratic revolution, but elsewhere there is much hand-wringing about whether Arabs can really build democratic states. After all, they have no previous experience of democracy, and it’s basically a Western invention, isn’t it? The Arabs don’t even have Athens and the Roman republic up their family tree.
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