Islam Conversion Issue

Yuvan Shankar Raja quits Twitter after being abused by his followers. The music director’s post on his decision to follow Islam has not gone well with a section of his fans. Their negative feedback has made the Illayaraaja’s son to bid goodbye to the social networking site. He had announced last Sunday (February 9) that he was following the Islam on Twitter. His statement had surprised many. While it did not have an impact on the majority of his fans, a section of followers opposed his decision ‘to convert to the Islam religion’. His faith and belief were questioned and was abused by them.

People accuse Islam of being an intolerant religion. They point to the poor treatment of those who convert to other religions from Islam and, rightly, deplore it. But, as the article below shows, when converts to Islam are subjected to harassment and threats there is usually silence and even agreement with those that are being intolerant and threatening.

Original Source: OneIndia

Judge upholds conversion to Islam

A controversy over religious conversions that has captivated Pakistanis was resolved in dramatic fashion on Wednesday when a judge ruled that three Hindu women who converted to Islam under disputed circumstances had chosen to go with their new Muslim husbands, causing consternation among the families they left behind.

The Supreme Court had intervened in the three cases in recent weeks, sequestering the women from their parents and their new husbands to consider their future without pressure. The court ruled on Wednesday that all three had freely chosen to remain Muslim.

The decision met with heavy criticism from Hindu leaders and some rights activists, who maintained that the women were forcibly converted and that their cases would make Pakistan’s already embattled minorities even more insecure. Continue reading

Forced conversion to Islam embarrasses Pakistan rulers

19-year-old Hindu student who converted to Islam under disputed circumstances last month

Pakistan hopes for the rapid resolution of a controversy over the conversion of a Hindu woman to Islam that has seized the Pakistani public were dashed on Monday, when the Supreme Court declined to decide the matter for at least three more weeks.

Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry ruled that Rinkel Kumari, a 19-year-old Hindu student who converted under disputed circumstances last month, should spend the next three weeks pondering her fate in protective custody, along with another Hindu woman in a similar situation.

During an emotional and sometimes rowdy hearing in a packed courtroom in Islamabad, the capital, Chief Justice Chaudhry noted that there had been “serious allegations of abduction and forced conversion” in both cases. Continue reading