Surah Ikhlas and the Christian Doctrine

Last week we looked at the relationship between some verses of the Surah Ikhlas and the Jewish belief in the Unity of Godhead. This week we look at the remaining chapter and consider how it deals with the doctrine of Sonship of Jesus.



Muslim youth protect Christians celebrating Christmas

Strength, they say, is in Unity

This is what prompted more than 200 Muslim youth volunteers to have singled themselves out to protect Christians during this year’s Christmas celebration. The church services which was organised to celebrate this year’s Christmas in Kaduna, was protected by 200 Muslim Youths.

According to Vanguard, a pastor, Pastor Yohanna Buru who is a cleric of Christ Evangelical Church, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna South, disclosed this in an interview with pressmen in Kaduna. Buru confirmed that over 200 Muslims were at his church to help protect the faithful from any attack during the church service.

The cleric who is still overwhelmed by the gesture of love and care shown to the faithfuls by the Muslim youths made it known that he really appreciate their love, care and support. He also made it known that the feat is the first of its kind after the series of crises that rocked the state in recent past.

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Easter – A Muslim perspective

In this lecture we look at the events surrounding Jesus being put on the cross in light of the Holy Quran’s verse which says that Jews and Christians do not know what happened to Jesus.

We show that if we look at what is said in the New Testament it can all be explained in a perfectly rational way to show that Jesus was put on the cross, taken down after a few hours in a coma, treated for his injuries, recovered and left Palestine in a disguise.

We do not have to resort to supernatural or paranormal to explain these events.

Islamic Law & Christian Persecution

The persecution of Christians is “the greatest story never told in the Western media” and “the vast majority of serious anti-Christian violence is carried out in the name of Islam,” according to Ed West in an article for The Spectator.

Earlier this month, MPs raised concerns about the plight of Christians in the Middle East during a debate at Westminster Hall, highlighting that in relation to Christian persecution virtually every country in the region reported “suffering of either high, high to extreme or extreme suffering.”

Faith Minister Baroness Warsi said in a recent speech: “A mass exodus is taking place, on a Biblical scale. In some places, there is a real danger that Christianity will become extinct.”

Muslims in the Middle East talk a great deal about the rights and freedoms they give to ethnic and or religious minorities. They speak of protection of minorities and freedom of worship.

This article, linked below, shows that this is anything but the truth and that Muslims are driving such a level of discrimination against minorities that soon there could be none left.

Original Source: Christian Concern

The Innocence of Prophets

Dr Zahid Aziz recounts stories from the Christian faith and other sources of acts of criminality which were attributed to various Prophets of Allah. He then looks at what the Holy Quran has to say about these very Prophets to show that these stories could not be true.

Christian Families Flee Pakistan Over ‘Blasphemy’ Accusations

There was uncertainty Monday, September 16, about the whereabouts of dozens of Christian families who fled their homes in a village near the Pakistani city of Lahore after a local pastor was accused of blasphemy against Islam’s Prophet Muhammad, representatives said.

Minority Christians pay a high price for their faith in Christ, rights activists say.

The tensions began last month when Pastor Sattar Masih, 37, was accused of saying that Muhammad was “a brutal man who killed innocent people” said the news service of Open Doors, a group supporting Christians persecuted for their faith.

Masih denies the accusations, saying he didn’t make derogatory remarks about Islam or its Prophet.

Sunnis always claim that their version of Islam is tolerant and allows minorities full rights to practice their religion.

The reality in places like Pakistan is different where innocent people, whether non-Muslims or members of Muslim minorities, are persecuted for their beliefs. They do not have any protection from the state or recourse to justice through the courts. In fact, the state protects the persecutors and not the persecuted and the courts fail to take any steps to protect them.

Here is the latest example of mob rule where a Christian pastor is ordered to appear before Sunni clerics to answer charges of blasphemy rather than being properly charge in a court of law and allowed to defend himself.

The Berlin Mosque

Berlin Mosque

A Photographic Exhibition

By Christian Fessel

Mr Christian Fessel is a freelance photographer, lighting cameraman and director. Prints can be purchased exclusively from his website.

It is the oldest and surely the most beautiful Mosque in Germany. Built almost 90 years ago when the surrounding area was just plain land, and suffered severe damage during the final days of World War II. It is though now a quiet place and it presents a serene atmosphere in every respect. The majestic structure of the Mosque with its green dome and imposing minarets attracts attention of many a visitor.

Although these days the architectural beauty of the unique architectural beauty of the Mosque is somewhat hidden between buildings and its showing its age when inspected closely, there is still the 1001 Nights feel when approaching the Mosque. Some even call it the ‘Mini Taj Mahal’.

I approached the owners, the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement, asking to photograph the Berlin Mosque some three years ago. Ever since, there has been an extremely friendly cooperation. Meanwhile a wonderful friendship-like relationship has grown out of the many meetings and photo sessions.

The photographs in this edition are by no means neutral or documentary (well isn’t photography per se “documentary”?). You will see the dust and dirt on the walls, the chipped paint and the scratches. None of those have been retouched. Yet when I first entered this Mosque I felt something. You may smile now but I really had that 1001 Nights feeling, the feeling of bright colours, the feeling of joy.

That is what I will try to show in these photographs: the feeling I had when I set up the camera. This is true for the ones on display.

The prints you see are only a small part of the Berlin Mosque collection. It is an on-going process which will eventually lead to a book, a calendar and an iBook with stunning time lapse photography and films.

I am very grateful to everyone at the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement to let me have this opportunity.

Pakistan courts acquit Sunni cleric in blasphemy case

In an almost predictable turn of events the Sunni courts in Pakistan have cleared a Sunni cleric who was charged under the notorious Blasphemy laws.

A Pakistan court on Saturday acquitted a Muslim cleric who accused a Christian girl of blasphemy before he himself was arrested on similar charges, a lawyer said.

The girl, Rimsha Masih, was arrested in August 2012 for allegedly burning pages containing Koranic verses but the case against her, which drew widespread international condemnation, was quashed.

Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti, the cleric who made the allegations, was accused of desecrating the Koran and tampering with the evidence against Rimsha. further reports that Hafiz Mohammed Khalid Chishti was acquitted because the prosecution had failed to prove a case and witnesses had withdrawn their statements.

There seems to be non of the outrage in Pakistan over this man’s actions, as there was over the false allegations against the young Christian girl.

As members of the persecuted Lahore Ahmadiyya community we have to wonder if a non Sunni person in Pakistan would have been acquitted? Or is it a case that mass worldwide media attention is needed, as in the case of this young Christian girl, before Pakistan acts justly.

What is Good Friday?

Mustaq Ali spoke during the Friday Khutba on the 29th March 2013, and in the above short speech he asked what is Good Friday and what does it mean to Muslims?

Muslims murder Christian after he was falsely accused of affair with Muslim girl

In Pakistan, hundreds of Christian girls are raped and forcefully converted by the Muslims but if any Christian man does such thing, he is sentenced to death and even the Muslim girl is also apostated. Religious minority is facing this discriminatory law every day while living in Pakistan.

The article above is truly shocking. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (s) is being dishonoured in the name of Islam

US – the land of free, unless you are a Muslim

Lowe’s, the national hardware chain, has pulled commercials from future episodes of “All-American Muslim,” a TLC reality-TV show, after protests by Christian groups.

The Florida Family Association, a Tampa Bay group, has led a campaign urging companies to pull ads on “All-American Muslim.”

“‘All-American Muslim’ is propaganda clearly designed to counter legitimate and present-day concerns about many Muslims who are advancing Islamic fundamentalism and Sharia law,” the Florida group asserts in a letter it asks members to send to TLC advertisers.

The show profiles only Muslims that appear to be ordinary folks while excluding many Islamic believers whose agenda poses a clear and present danger to the liberties and traditional values that the majority of Americans cherish,” the FFA’s letter continues. Continue reading