Did Jesus die in Kashmir?

Jesus in India

Was Kashmir the last destination of Christ?

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, was asked if Jesus neither died on the Cross nor was bodily raised to heavens while still alive what happened to him?

He carried out much research and eventually wrote a book called Jesus in India in which he theorised that Jesus travelled to Kashmir, carried on his preaching in that area and eventually died at the age of 125 and is buried there. This article below deals with these issues.

Christian God is a Vengeful Unjust God!

The Holy Quran tells us that Allah is closer to us that our life vein and if we call on Him He is very close.

He forgives all human beings their shortcomings out of mercy and does not need to sacrifice an innocent person for our sons.

How can God be Just if he punished His own son for sins that others committed?