Who came by night and why?

In this khutba we will be looking at Chapter 86 of The Holy Quran, verses one to three.

Allah seeks of a person who comes by night. Who is this person and what is the point of his coming? These are are the questions we try and answer by looking at these verses.

The Divine Inspiration for The Woking Muslim Mission

“Certainly the first house appointed for men is the one at Bakkah, blessed and a guidance for the nations.” (The Holy Quran 3:96)

This was the verse of the Holy Quran upon which it fell open when Hazrat Khwaja Kamal ud Din visited the Shahjehan Mosque in Woking for the first time. He fell to the floor crying and praying that the Mosque at Woking become the first house in the West from where nations find guidance. His prayer was accepted and so far as it remained in the hands of Lahori-Ahmadi Muslims it was so.

Now it is just a beautiful building like the ones found all over the Muslim world.

Consistency in Belief

The Holy Quran says : “And hold fast by the rope of Allah all together and be not disunited”. 3:103

Islamic teaching is the same for all people at all times. In that case, why is it that the same Muslim group in different countries or at different times profess different beliefs? Surely the belief does not change with the country one lives in! Here examples are given to show how varying beliefs to suit brings Islam into disrepute.

Remember Allah

Islam requires both faith and action. Therefore, people are required to say their ritual prayers as a matter of faith.

So, when standing in prayers they remember Allah but this verse tells Muslims to remember him after they finish praying. How then can we remember Allah after we have finished praying?

That is by putting into practice what Allah tells us. If a person is a businessperson and finds that they can make a profit by telling a lie they should remember Allah who has commanded us to speak the truth. This applies to all our daily actions and practices. In fact, our daily worship is closely related to the lesson in this verse of the Holy Quran. We begin our day by praying, we break our work or business during the day by praying, we break the time when we are relaxing to pray and the last thing at night we is to pray. In the intervening period we remember that although we are not praying we still remember Him by doing as He says.