Livestream Platform May Have Been Compromised

Roberto Baldwin, on Engadget reports;

Livestream is alerting customers that an “unauthorized person may have accessed our customer account database.” The streaming service goes on to say that customer names, encrypted passwords, email addresses, phone numbers and birthdates might have been compromised during the breach.

As many of you know we use the Livestream platform to broadcast weekly from our Mosque in Wembley. Even if you have not received an email notifying you of the breach we urge everyone to change their password urgently.

Freedom for Women has not changed in Sunni Islam

Kerala’s prominent Muslim cleric Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musaliyar has observed that Islam has not changed its obstinate approach with regard to the freedom for Muslim women and their relation with men on the reason that the women were educated.

In an interview with latest issue of Malayalam weekly Mathrubhumi, the influential Sunni leader said the modern times require education for Muslim women. “But that did not mean the Islam has changed its decrees regarding the life of women. Muslim women should not work in a place where only a woman and a man are present. They should go for job only in a place where there are enough number of women and trustworthy men. About 90 per cent of jobs do not require man-women mingling. These rules cannot be changed. The obstinacy still continues,” said Musaliyar, the general secretary of All India Sunni Jam-Iyyathul Ulema.

On women’s mobility, Musaliyar said they should travel only in unavoidable circumstances. These journeys should be for the purposes ratified by Islam. The Islam could not accept the argument that women have to travel extensively these days. If they go out, it should be in the company of male family members or of large group of women.

A Sunni woman’s place is in the home?

Original Source: Indian Express

Climate Change

Shayaan talks about the devastating effects that climate change is having on the Earth, not just from a monetary point of view but from the impact on human and animal life. He then goes on to explain what The Holy Quran has to say about climate change.

Change of Gender

The Promised Messiah wrote in one of his books regarding change of gender in the animal kingdom.

Many people who know nothing of Zoology have been making fun of these statement. Here we look at whether living organisms can change their gender.

Pakistan on the cusp of change?

Earlier this month, the Pakistani Taliban opened fire on a school bus. Two girls were shot. At first, it seemed a familiar story. The Taliban, after all, has bombed hundreds of schools, especially those for girls.

But here’s what’s new: Mass protests ensued against the Taliban, and in favor of women. That’s startling and refreshing in Pakistan.

This past week, thousands of demonstrators thronged to the streets to protest the Taliban’s brutality towards women. They’re rallying around one person, 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai. Malala was one of the girls who was shot on that school bus. She was not an accidental target. The Taliban directly sought her out and shot her in the head. They wanted to kill not only Malala, but what she stood for. Here’s why: Continue reading

Islam and Arab Political Change


Pro-democracy protests in the Middle East have raised questions about what role political Islam will play in new governments in Tunisia and Egypt, as well as others that might emerge from the continued unrest. Ebrahim Moosa, professor of religion and Islamic studies at Duke University, says that while Islam will likely be a factor in emergent governments, people will be cautious about allowing too much of a blurring between political and religious boundaries. “People are chastened and sobered by experiences elsewhere,” Moosa says, noting what he calls the failures of the Islamic states of Iran and Sudan. Moosa says that while Turkey’s government under the AKP (Justice Party) is being seen as a model, it is unclear how that will translate into specific national contexts. He also says that the United States is still operating under a credibility deficit in the region and has not used its vast knowledge resources on Islam effectively.
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