VE Day Celebrations

Last week was VE day which was celebrated with great pomp and ceremony. In this khutba we look at the Holy Quran’s teaching that persecution is worse than killing. It is shown that the treatment of Germany after the First World War, which may be regarded as being in line with mosaic law, led to such deprivation that it led to the rise of Nazis in Germany. The attempts to appease Nazis, which may be regarded as being in accordance with Jesus’ teaching to turn the other check, led to unimaginable persecution and suffering. The Allies had to turn to the Quranic teaching that persecution is worse that slaughter to overcome the Nazis and put an end to persecution.

Islam’s Issues Today

Mr Ray Morgan, the Chief Executive of the Woking Council, took to the podium, during our centenary celebrations, to address the large crowd.

He talked about the issues facing Muslims today both in Woking and around the World at large. He talks about how we need to overcome not only issues within, but also with the media who fail in their responsibilities to report on Islamic issues evenly.