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Burn Ferguson Burn

This is a new approach to Islamic teaching which traditionally suggests that the Holy Quran is for Muslims only This radical departure from this approach suggests that everyone can benefit from the guidance of the Holy Quran if they look at its teachings as being aimed at humanity regardless of people’s beliefs. We look at one verse [...]


Burn the Holy Quran

Burn the Holy Quran was the cry of an American Pastor, Terry Jones. He based this cry on the actions of Muslims themselves. However what he forgot to do was to study the Holy book itself and look at the actions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to see whether such a cry was justified. The Dutch reformed Church believed that the white man is superior [...]


Church to burn the Holy Quran

So much for tolerance! Jesus told his followers to turn the other cheek but this gentleman wants to burn the Holy Quran, as a way to commemorate 9/11. Dr Terry Jones, the attention seeking leader of the Church is no stranger to controversy having last year printed t-shirts with the slogan “Islam Is Of The Devil”, which were worn [...]