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Kitab Ul Bariyyah Part Two

We continue on from our reading, last week, of the Promised Messiah’s book kitab-ul-Bariyyah (My Exoneration). In this section he discusses how we may find the right path. It is by reading the Holy Book. If that fails then by rational arguments and if even that fails then heavenly signs granted to the reformer of the age.


A book of moderation

Podcast [powerpress][/powerpress] Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad compares the Holy Quran with other holy scriptures and shows that whereas the Torah and the New Testament each teach extremes the Holy Quran teaches moderation.


Book of Deeds

The Holy Quran tells us that all our deeds are recorded in a book and that on the Day of Judgement it will be presented. However, we do not have to wait until that Day to see the result of our deeds. Daily we see on the television the results of the deeds of leaders of different countries whether it is Tony Blair the ex-Prime Minister of the [...]