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Men are in charge of women!

This is a continuation of this speech. In the above article we shot down the rubbish presented by Nicky Campbell in the BBC program the Big Question, and explained what the verse actually means. Here we look at more translations of that verse, which The Big Question presented as “men are incharge of women”


Jews and Christians hate Muslims

A verse of the Holy Quran which warns Muslims about making friends with Jews and Christians was read out in a TV programme called the Big Question, in an attempt we assume to stoke up anti Islamic feelings. The Holy Quran warns Muslims about making friends with Christians and Jews rather than Muslims.


Women are subservient to Men

In a Sunday morning TV programme in the UK, The Big Question, the presenter translated 4:34 of the Holy Quran as “Men are in-charge of women” whereas the correct translation is “Men are maintainers of women”. We have checked a number of translations of the Holy Quran by Muslims and by non Muslims, and they all translate this verse [...]