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Partial Belief

The Holy Quran warns Muslims that they will be punished in this World This is the third and final part of this series on being a Muslims. In this speech we look at where the Holy Quran asks a rhetorical question of Muslims which is whether they ‘pick and choose from the Holy Quran what they believe in’. It then warns us that those [...]


[Video] Certainty of Belief

Here the Promised Messiah says that human beings should engage themselves in the worship of Allah to such an extent that their desire for anything in this world is extinguished and they become like a new born person who does everything simply for the sake of Allah. httpv://


Consistency in Belief

The Holy Quran says : “And hold fast by the rope of Allah all together and be not disunited”. 3:103 Islamic teaching is the same for all people at all times. In that case, why is it that the same Muslim group in different countries or at different times profess different beliefs? Surely the belief does not change with the country one lives [...]