Keep gambling, you will win millions

In June, the BBC News website ran a story in which it looked at a new wave of fruit machine like gambling terminals. These machines are driving huge profits for the betting shops and it is so worrying that local Councils are not trying to hit back and stop new betting shops from opening.

Just one road in Newham, East London has 18 (eighteen) betting shops alone, and more and more are opening around the country.

Reading from Chapter 5, verses 90 to 92 of The Holy Quran we look at the Islamic prohibition of gambling and the reasons why it is forbidden.

The struggle of religious minorities in Indonesia

…But the Ahmadis are not alone in their struggle to practice their faith in Indonesia.

Last week, a group of about 300 people from a variety of religious backgrounds staged a rally at Indonesia’s parliament, demanding that their rights as citizens to freely worship, a right enshrined in the constitution, be respected.

Muslims complain that there is false propaganda in the West to blacken the faith of Islam but when Muslims behave as described in the above BBC report what need is there for any false propaganda!

What is Hell Part One

Is there a hell?

This question was asked on the BBC show ‘The Big Questions’ on Sunday 24th Feb 2013.

In this first part of two videos we will try and present the Islamic concept of hell to answer the question posed on the BBC show.

Islam Without God

Is it possible to have religion without God? Thirty years ago, Don Cupitt’s Sea of Faith set out “Christian non-realism” – ethics without God – angering the Church and intriguing millions. Philosopher Alain de Botton has recently done the same. But is this just a concept for cynical post-Christians, or could it work for Muslims too?

The above embedded BBC Radio 4 programme (only available to people in the UK) looks to answer this question.

The BBC erasing and distorting British Islamic history?

The BCC aired a programme called ‘Great British Islam’ on Wednesday 18th July, with a symposis as follows’

As Ramadan approaches, this documentary tells the little-known story of three English gentlemen who embraced Islam at a time when to be a Muslim was to be seen to be a traitor to your country. Through personal journeys of still surviving relatives, the programme looks at their achievements and how their legacy lives on today

It is available here for the next six days for people in the UK to watch again.

Dr Zahid Aziz noted that It covered the work of three converts: Quilliam, Lord Headley, and Pickthall. It covered their connection with the Woking Mosque and showed their graves at Brookwood. It also had a newsreel film from the Woking Mosque, where he spotted Hazrat Maulana Sadr-ud-Din giving the khutba.

Despite all this, there was no mention whatsoever of Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din sahib or the Woking Mission, even while mentioning Lord Headley. Only the mosque was shown.

The programme also gave much prominence to Pickthall’s translation of the Holy Quran, saying that it was the one which showed the West true Islam for the first time, and was an English translation from a Muslim believer for the first time.

The Woking Muslim Mission and its founders were completely erased from history in this programme, even though the Woking Mosque featured extensively in the programme.

BBC defends decision to censor the word “Palestine”

The broadcaster claims that allowing the lyric “free Palestine” would have comprised impartiality.

In a ruling on 31 January, the BBC Trust defended its decision to censor the word “Palestine” from a freestyle by rapper Mic Righteous on 1xtra in February last year. In the performance (above), he rapped:

“I still have the same beliefs
I can scream Free Palestine,
Die for my pride still pray for peace,
Still burn a fed for the brutality
They spread over the world.”

BBC production staff covered up the word “Palestine” with the sound of broken glass. The censored version was also aired in April. Responding to the original complaints, the BBC said that “Mic Righteous was expressing a political viewpoint which, if it had been aired in isolation, would have compromised impartiality.” Continue reading

Ramadan fast ‘lasts longer high up’

Muslims living in the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, should fast longer during the Ramadan holy month, Dubai’s leading clerics have said.

During Ramadan, Muslims are supposed to not eat or drink between dawn and dusk.

“Burj Khalifa is almost one km (0.6 miles) high, which means people in higher floors can still see the sun after it has set on the ground,” Ahmed Abdul Aziz al-Haddad told Reuters. Continue reading

British Museum to stage Hajj exhibition

HajjPicture courtesy of Peter Sanders

The world’s largest exhibition on the Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, is to be staged at the British Museum, it has announced.

Manuscripts, diaries, historic photographs and contemporary art will be displayed to mark the annual ritual, undertaken by Muslims across the world.

The museum’s director, Neil MacGregor, said the Hajj was a cultural phenomenon “that needs to be better understood”.

Hajj: Journey To The Heart Of Islam will run from 26 January to 15 April. Continue reading

Sunnis fail to defend The Holy Prophet

We were hurt when a brother Sunni sat quietly as a Christian priest said that the Holy prophet Muhammad (s) is NOT in heaven during an episode of the BBC Big Questions show.

There was no rebuttal from our Sunni brothers sitting there and it made Ahmadis feel sad and ashamed. We discuss what happened in the video below.

Osama Bin Laden video released by Pentagon

As has been shown the initial news about how Osama Bin Laden died in a fire fight and hid behind his wife were all lies.

The Pentagon has now released five videos of Osama Bin Laden, seized at the secret compound in Pakistan where he was shot dead by US special forces last week.

The tapes show him watching himself on television, and preparing a video message addressed to the US. All five were released without audio.

The video can been seen at this LINK